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Why invest in Awnings?

Energy Savings*

Today's awnings offer many benefits and one of the greatest benefits is energy savings. Exterior fabric window awnings can reduce interior heat in homes and businesses during periods of direct sunlight by 77 percent according to a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers. Since awning fabric doesn't trap heat and moisture, an awning can reduce air-conditioning costs by as much as 25%.

Depending upon the applications, commercial and residential awnings can assume a variety of shapes and sizes. The basic shapes of these fabric structures make design options limitless.

Awning fabrics are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, can accentuate a building entrance and/or serve as signage. Stylish, yet practical, today's awnings provide protection from harmful UV rays, nature's uncontrollable elements.

Awnings are afforadable and a great investment for any home or building.

UV Protection*

Considering an addition to your home? Awnings that shade your windows, decks and patios create an environment that allows you to enjoy outdoor activities while avoiding excessive heat and sun exposure. A canopy over your deck or patio offers a long-term solution to needed space at a lower cost. With today's tchnology you can open and close a retractable awning with no more than the touch of a button using manual, automatic, remote-control and sensor-activited controls. Awnings and canopies will shade your deck from the sun, and provide outdoor protection on rainy days. In addition, canopies and awnings protect inside furnishings such as furniture, drapes and carpet from fading due to UV rays.

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